Online Counselling

what is it?

Online counselling is a way for you to engage in counselling using internet technology.


To provide online counselling I work with Zoom, which allows encrypted conversations and allows you to see me face-to-face from your computer, without missing nonverbal communications such as facial expressions.


Counselling on Zoom also offers other benefits:

  • it takes place from your own home (or other chosen place) - meaning that you don't have to travel to meet me
  • it's synchronous communication - meaning that it allows you and me to clarify any misunderstanding in real time (which cannot happen using texts or emails)
  • the software is free for you to download and use, it has a simple interface that can be quickly learned and secure encryption offers confidentiality and peace of mind
  • there is no chance you may be seen entering my practice

things to consider

There may be also limitations that are worth bearing in mind when deciding which type of counselling will best suit your needs:

  • are you comfortable using internet technology?
  • do you feel you can express yourself effectively through a webcam?
  • is there a space and a computer or pad that you can use privately without interruptions?
  • do you have a sufficiently stable and affordable internet connection?

how I work

When working online I use an approach which is a combination of different communication techniques, following a sort of "map" that helps to correctly formulate the goal and "expand" the Self concept useful for its achievement, taking into account all the determining factors such as values, beliefs, emotions, habits, knowledge and environment within the vision that one has of themselves and of Life.


All this remains within an energetic conception of the relationships and interrelationships between Self, Life and others with the aim of raising the level of awareness and Consciousness and to foster the necessary change.


The body can be part of this approach, for example, by maintaining attention to posture during the session or when I think breathing or meditation exercises involving it are necessary or useful. 

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