"To love is not to give,

it is to be open"

Alexander Lowen


The approach of Bioenergetics, created by Alexander Lowen (1910-2008) and John Pierrakos (1921-2001), uses breathing techniques, physical exercises, positions and bodily contacts, associated with a character analysis. This technique allows a person to get in touch with their body and to know and alleviate chronic muscular tension raised from unresolved emotional conflicts, allowing the person to regain vitality and centering.


"The majority does not know that at the moment,

here and now, they are writing the story of their life

and their humanity"

Fritz Perls


The approach of the Gestalt therapy, founded by Fritz Perls (1893-1970), also considers the human being in its totality and complexity and, giving equal value and importance to the emotional, cognitive, bodily, behavioural and socio-relational aspects of his life, it aims to reintegrate and harmonise the various parts of the personality. It helps people acquire a growing awareness in the here and now and to recall the natural harmony between individual and environment.


The word BioGestalt® comes from the combination of the words Bioenergetics and Gestalt.


BioGestalt® brings together and combines these two complementary approaches that emphasise in particular:

-the value of the body, as a medium to activate the energy, to get in touch with ourselves and with others, to bring out the emotions and express them in a complete manner;

-the importance of the client’s experience, rather than the verbal analysis and interpretation, and of the self-awareness at various levels;

-the need to operate especially in the present, namely in the here and now

-the active and empathetic involvement of the counsellor, with his intuition, creativity and consistency.

The associated work with body and mind helps people to cope with existential and interpersonal difficulties and to actualise the best of their ability to experience pleasure and joy of life.


Both Bioenergetics and Gestalt approaches are widespread and well known worldwide.

The approach of BioGestalt® is taught in Italy by SIBiG (Italian School of BioGestalt) which holds the trademark.