Body-oriented counselling

why body-oriented?

As a society we often see the body as an object, which needs to be fixed and kept beautiful (sometimes altered as well). Or we do not see it at all, identifying ourselves with only our mind and thoughts, while in fact it is something we inhabit and which tells its own story.


Our body carries a record of our developmental history and is an important mirror of our individual characters.


Much of who we are is a result of all our experiences, especially those we lived in our childhood. Our interactions with others and the adaptations we learnt, induced beliefs and reactions that are literally held in the body and may become stuck patterns of response which no longer serve us.

As we become adult this ‘holding’ may cause physical and emotional issues but may also give clues to our potential for growth and creativity.


In recognising the intimate relationship between our body and our psychological well-being and accessing our innate somatic wisdom, not only may we better understand and treat our concerns, that so often are beyond words and cognition, but also learn how to find a pleasure that is also, like the suffering, a constituent attribute of the human being and that is instead so often forgotten in our daily lives.


Ceasing to believe that we have a body and recognising that we are (also) our body, not only can we learn to observe, recognise, verbalize and listen to what we feel, but also regain our wholeness, the creativity and joy of our own life energy and the pleasure of being alive.

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