what I can help you with

 Matters we can work with together include:

  • emotional distress or behavioural issues
    • feelings of sadness and loneliness
    • lack of energy, interest and motivation
    • strains and difficulties of stress
    • feelings of frustration, irritability or anger issues
    • feelings of anxiety or unease such as worry or fear
    • low self-esteem, low confidence
    • issues preventing you achieving your ambitions
  • relationships or parenting difficulties
    • intimate relationships, family members, friends, colleagues
    • inability to say "no" and boundaries issues
    • sexuality
    • deal with motherhood/ fatherhood
  • crisis or coping with change and transitions
    • inability to make choices
    • leaving the parental home
    • adjusting to a new culture
    • entering the world of work
    • your children becoming adults and independent, leaving home
    • retiring
  • loss of someone you love or deeply care about, or other kind of losses
    • relationships breakdown
    • separation, divorce
    • abortion, miscarriage
    • bereavement
  • existential and spiritual issues
    • consciousness evolution and personal growth
    • looking for meaning, purpose and value of Life

This list is not exhaustive and there may be other things that you wish to discuss and explore that are not here included.


You can email me if you need any further clarification or want to arrange a first free consultation (without obligation) and find out how I can help you with an holistic embodied approach or online meetings.